Our Program

Family Business Services offers to business leaders in specially targeted markets the opportunity to enhance their image in the community in a unique fashion. In our sponsorship marketing method we offer to newlyweds and anniversary couples, whose names we have retrieved from the local newspaper, a beautiful hardbound book reflective of the Judeo Christian values upon which our nation was built. The names of the local sponsors are placed upon a specially designed page that is tipped into the front of each and every volume.

At a time when young people are making crucial buying decisions and older married couples are seeking the comfort of trusted community friendships, what better way to reach new customers and thank old friends than by presenting them a touching keepsake that will surely become a family treasure.

We are long time members in good standing of the National Chamber of Commerce and use local chambers, as well as other key community entities, as fact-finding resources.

To Have and To Hold:
A Newlywed Keepsake
Living and Loving:
An Anniversary Keepsake
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